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Monsanto profits tumbling! A revolution

  • Date : 20 Apr 2016

Monsanto profits tumbling! A revolution

April 13, 2016
The diving is spectacular. And it is partly by economic reasons, it is especially the illustration that our world is changing at last! Monsanto is probably one of the most hated multinationals in the world, here is news that should rejoice few: the agricultural biotechnology giant announced a record fall in profits (25%)! A dramatic and unexpected information which suggests another new more important: farmers, as consumers finally seem to shy away from anything related to GMOs, pesticides and herbicides! Details and explanations. The firm has announced that its profit had plunged 25% in the second quarter of 2015. A dramatic slump caused mainly by the decline in demand for GM but also by the disenchantment of the public vis-à-vis the famous Roundup, flagship product of Monsanto.

Explaining his against-performance, Monsanto evokes unfavorable conditions for agriculture. And we can not give it completely wrong (the rising dollar and market volatility have him clearly unfavorable for example). But other reasons, deeper these, can not be ignored:
The demand for organic food is increasing and nothing indicates a slowdown in this trend.
The company is aware of the ravages of pesticides and herbicides on our health and our environment.
More and more farmers are turning to non-genetically modified seeds.
Monsanto's brand image is at its lowest.

concrete sign of this profound transformation that looks increasingly to a realization: sales of Roundup have shrunk by 34% in the fourth quarter 2015! And, a priori, they are not nearly rebound: in France, it will be permanently banned garden centers by 2019.
So, the firm already resizes its wing: Reuters, 2,600 positions will be eliminated in the world, 16% of the total workforce. So, certainly, the end of Monsanto's certainly not for tomorrow: even falling by 25%, profits of the multinational always amount to billions of dollars. But the trend, it seems irreversible: we are less likely to want to swallow GM products and / or sprayed with chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. And that is great news! Our politicians do not want to ban suspect products found in our diet? Whatever! In today's world, those who make the law, it is we, the citizens / consumers: stop buying and firms stop producing!


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