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  • Date : 19 Jan 2016

290% increase in the risk of brain tumors after 10 years of using a mobile phone


[NOTE: Free to each course to knowingly ignore the real risk posed by all wireless technologies (except Lifi) to choose to play the ostrich and to be in complete denial as governments, in cahoots with wireless industry, and billions of people addicted to these insidious "wonders" technology, but just take a few minutes to take a look at the scientific evidence "concrete" to http://bit.ly/ 1dQH4bl demonstrating extreme harm in the short, medium and long-term chronic exposure to understand how we are playing Russian roulette with our health and that of our children when we do nothing to protect themselves and microwave limit our exposure to a minimum. The following article is just one of thousands of others on the same subject. Note also that the card included with the image of this publication illustrates perfectly the problem of aberrant explosion electropollution sources in North America, a similar situation almost everywhere else in the world. This card comes http://www.wigle.net site currently lists 231 987 245 5999036 WiFi networks and cellular phone towers in the world - each of which can contain dozens of antennas. See the image added in the comments section to see the number of WiFi networks and cellular antennas in the Paris region, according wigle.net.]

Since when do you use a cell phone? Although any use of a mobile for a while is bad, new research shows how prolonged use has an impact on our brains. A study conducted at the Swedish Hospital of Örebro has been revealed that for 10 years using a laptop led to an increase of 290% of the risk of developing a brain tumor. Interestingly, the tumor grows on the side of the head where the mobile phone was the most used.

Understand that the use of mobile has exploded in the last 10 years, which means that new findings could even show that the risk is greater. According to statistics, every average person in Britain and in many other developed countries will soon have 2 laptops. With the increasing number of laptops are all citizens of the world, we must also take into account "passive exposure." The very fact of sitting in a bus, a plane or a train, exposes you to several hundred laptops simultaneously.

Another key factor is that 10 years ago, much less children used laptops - some only had one "emergency". Now it is common to see children under 10 years talking or sending text messages with their mobile all day. It is well known that radiation from mobile are more harmful to children, causing behavioral disorders due to use at an early age. We also know that the radiation of mobile really alters the brain in ways still poorly understood.

In other words, the widespread use of mobile phones is actually a massive biological experiment. The long-term effects will be quite known when we have to face it. According to current research, there will be probably a historical peak of brain tumors and brain damage.

As you know, the best way to protect themselves from the radiation of a cell is to simply not use it. When you turn off a laptop, you reduce the emission rate to almost zero. As everyone does not have the freedom to do so, here are some vital methods to reduce damage:

* Try using the option of "speaker" when possible, taking the laptop away from the head.

* Turn off your laptop at night or when you are not using it.

* Turn your phone mode "airplane" if you can not turn it off completely.

* Actively seek methods of protection against radiation of the laptop. Beware of false miracle solutions, always check the brand of products is based on real research.

On a larger scale, it is essential to inform your friends and family about the dangers of using a mobile. Only through awareness and the influence that one has about oneself that real change can take place in the industry.

- Taken from http://bit.ly/1RiwxO9


(Source: Anthony Gucciardi, naturalsociety.com, 06/09/2012)


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To access hundreds of articles and papers on everything related to electromagnetic pollution (smartphones, tablets, power lines, meters 'smart', etc.) go to http://www.cqlpe.ca/# DR

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Since January 2013, Camille 1433 hours phoned his mobile. At 31, she would have a risk of developing a brain tumor. This "positive association" between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumors is the result of the study published by Inserm Unit 897 in Bordeaux in May 2014, one of the last - and rare - published on the subject . The work shows that "extensive use of mobile phones, greater than or equal to 896 hours of calls in a life, would be associated with the development of brain tumors. In these people, the risk of a positive association between the use of their mobile phones and the development of tumors is increased for those who call more than 15 hours per month. "Figures of astonishing precision Camille rank among the" intensive "users of the laptop, she never imagined with 16 hours and 38 minutes consumed last month. In twelve years, Camille has changed five times in a mobile phone. Nobody told him that he must limit his calls, the headset favor and avoid calling in areas of poor reception. On the contrary, we have every time encouraged to enjoy the new unlimited offers. CLIP


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(...) These tablets toys and connect to free wi-fi, 3G or 4G, ie by means of electromagnetic waves, classified in their entirety as "possibly carcinogenic" (2B) to WHO in May 2011. The mechanisms by which the waves promote cancers are well known: the waves are factors of oxidative stress, a major factor of carcinogenesis. Will you lead or DDT to a child, items classified in the same category? So do not offer him a "wave toys".

Autism develops also alarmingly in the younger generations, particularly in very "high tech" Silicon Valley neighborhoods or Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The American researcher George Carlo highlighted the mechanisms by which the waves induced autism.

Unfortunately, blinded by the millions reported by the sale of frequencies, so blinded by the action of lobbies, the authorities do not will alarm about the dangers.

Yet the recent "Bee" law prohibits wifi in day care centers. Germany, England, many schools withdraw wifi schools. The "kings" of computer restrict access to the screens of their children or deny access to them. CLIP

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Every day, 27 Canadians are Diagnosed with a brain tumor (...) Brain Tumours are the leading causes of cancer death in solid children under the age of 20, now surpassing acute lymphoblastic leukemia. They are the third leading causes of cancer death in solid young adults ages 20-39. (...) Although as Many as 60% of children with brain Tumours will survive, They Are Often left with long-term side effects. (...) Currently, the Canadian medical system Does not track statistics are primary brain Tumours !!!

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NOTE: The density of this invisible pollution - see maps at the link above - but everywhere is downright staggering around the world, and it will only get worse with the networks of thousands of satellites that will soon be deployed to provide the Internet access virtually anywhere in the world as denounces the Global Union Against Radiation from Space Deployment Group (GUARDS) - http://www.stopglobalwifi.org - in Congressional Corruption Threatens American Health to http://bit.ly/1RHbrrF .

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