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8 Health Principles

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

To make a sick passage (or having a disease-producing thoughts) to become health requires the adoption of positive beliefs. Healing requires mental toughness and a refusal to remain a prisoner of negative thought patterns that weaken us. Our thoughts create our reality indeed, and our experience of reality. Many years of working with people who are just on the verge of giving up, we concluded that the primary element of healing is self-responsibility. When we do the positive intention, we rebuild our interior resources by typing the deep well of wisdom healing to forge a better future.
As healing begins with our beliefs, here are eight life-affirming beliefs that have become a cornerstone of the Hippocrates program is based on decades of trial and error experimentation in the field of nutrition.


The 8 principles of healths

Belief 1: We are solar cells. The sun provides the wide spectrum of nutrients necessary for our health. Directly or indirectly, the sun provides us with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, oxygen, chlorophyll, photochemical, enzymes and hormones, giving us the elements of good health

Belief 2: most of the three essential foods to achieve good health are the seeds, sea vegetables and freshwater algae. They contain the largest solar energy in the form found most easily digestible. All the bricks necessary for health are present in these foods, in proper balance.

Belief 3: A diet rich in raw chlorophyll provides continuous energy transfusion into our bloodstream, strengthening the immune system and increase the capacity of our red blood cells to carry oxygen. The plant chlorophyll and hemoglobin of the red cell are virtually identical in structure, making this potential transfusion.

Belief 4: In contemporary science of nutrition, the most overlooked and photochemical elements have been underestimated, oxygen, enzymes, trace elements and hormones. Nutrition scientists are awakening to the importance of these factors, which are one of the pillars of life force Program.

Belief 5: The main cause of death from degenerative disease is excess protein in the modern diet. Many forms of cancer as well as heart disease, diabetes, and liver and kidney dysfunction are associated with the consumption of proteins. Breast milk supports a baby that is growing rapidly with no more than 3 percent protein.

Belief 6: Excess fat reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen to the cells. Too often, people forget that liquid oils are a form of fat.

Belief 7: Much of what is available in health food stores is not actually promoting health. This includes many supplements and herbal mixtures that have been touted for their healing qualities, but that contain synthetic chemicals. The Hippocrates Health Institute may recommend nutritional value of only about 10 percent of what is sold in conventional natural food stores.

Belief 8: Cooking kills any life force in food. The immune system reacts immediately when the food is consumed by a rapid and sharp increase in the number of white blood cells, like a poison or infection entered into your system.

It what little you ailler some resistance to the acceptance of these eight beliefs, which are the basic dietary principles at Hippocrates Health Institute. Once you embrace these beliefs, and once you understand the logic behind them and you begin to experience first-hand the effectiveness, you will have made a big step in the reorientation of your mind to help you achieve your goals welfare.