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PH and acidity

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

The pH is the measurement scale that distinguishes the degree of acidity or alkalinity. The "pH" comes from the Latin abbreviation "P" represents "potentia", that is to say, force or potential; "H" is "hydrogenii" hydrogen. The pH thus means: the potential or strength in hydrogen ions. In other words, the pH indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid. In the scientific world, this measure is universally recognized. The pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. pH 7, in the middle of the scale, is considered neutral, it indicates a balance between acid and alkaline substances. More hydrogen ion concentration, the higher the pH is low. All that is between 0 and 7 is acidic, the so-called acidosis. The zero pH represents the strongest concentration of H + ions, it is the absolute acidity. The higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, the lower the pH is high. When it is between 7 and 14, it is considered basic, alkaline, and this is called alkalosis. For these measurements, the logarithmic calculation is applied, which means that the H + ion concentration is from one unit to another, ten times higher than the previous one with respect to pH 7, the ideal neutral value for stay healthy, you can appreciate how the gap is significant:

pH 6 = 10 times more acidic
pH5 = 100 times more acidic
pH4 = 1000 times more acidic
pH3 = 10 000 times more acidic
pH2 = 100 000 times more acidic
pH1 = 1 million times more acidic
pH0 = 10 million times more acidic

You can easily understand that a slight variation of pH on the measurement scale is dramatic in the short or medium term. This is a health program that sabotage snaps and it will not be surprising to "proceed to checkout" to finally pay the bill that a lack of vigilance makes inexorable. The diseases of civilization settled and decline asserts then relentlessly as the current health system offers no real and effective solution. The point of no return in sight.

A well-nourished person, balanced and healthy manifest urinary pH 7. Unfortunately, in the modern world, malnutrition or overeating become the general rule. The balance becomes the exception. The acidity is installed. The aggressiveness, negative thoughts and stress in the agenda for that matter, also contribute to this trend toward acidity, with all that that entails as health symptoms (which we quote below).

German clearly illustrates the relationship between negative emotions and acidity. When we say that someone is angry to the point that it controls more perfectly, it is said of him that he is "saver", that is to say it is "acid ". This is, unfortunately, literally truth, both figuratively than literally.

The human body has two mechanisms to remove acidity. May expire acidity by the lungs and can be removed by the kidneys. This works, but only in a very narrow range of pH. The ideal pH of blood is between 7.32 and 7.42. If the pH measure would exceed, were it only slightly these limits in one direction or the other, it would not be compatible with life.
The pH of gastric juices is between 1.6 and 3.2 (strongly acidic).
Intestinal secretions are characterized by a pH8, therefore alkaline.
The pH of the saliva must be ideally 7.1.
The vagina is normally acidic, usually below 5.5 so again too acid. Its ideal measurement is 5.5.

During digestion, the proteins are converted into phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and uric the kidneys remove subsequently. It therefore appears evident that the body can no longer cope with the removal of acid when there is consumption of proteins. It is unfortunately the case in our industrialized countries.

All that the body can not regulate in well-defined physiological limits, makes acid. Let us honor the intelligence has the body and especially to the Creator who has set up among a multitude of things, the mechanism that opens the floodgates to the joints, muscles (ladies, watch out for cellulite if you do not grind your diet you are on a siding) and connective tissues.

It's only a matter of time for the slow but sure fouling the body becomes visible.

Overloading of acids during years of accumulation and crystallization then bring you suddenly poisoned gifts such as arthritis, arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. This is when one receives the invoice due to having consumed low-quality food and excess food. We just said, to avoid overacidification blood, the body also uses this mechanism of linking the acid basic substances to neutralize - not without cost - that's obvious. When the calcium level in the blood decreases by only 3% below the ideal pH, the body acts immediately by mobilizing the alkaline minerals present in reserves, such as cartilage, hair, teeth, bones, etc. .

After prolonged demineralization, looting of reserves is obvious is when we crying wolf, being confronted with osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. It is true that women have a thinner and more brittle bones, even less dense than men and demineralization is faster visible home. We can say that at the time of menopause the female hormone - estrogen -commence to become scarce and that a good hormonal balance partially prevent osteoporosis but the root cause of it is the blood acidity.

What to do before these plagues spread everywhere?

Allopathic medicine has existed for only a century tells us that there is no way to regenerate bone or cartilage demineralized, we can not cure osteoarthritis. We can.
On the one hand by restoring the acid-alkaline balance, we can slow the progression of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. On the other hand, we can establish a totally targeted and personalized program to restore your hormonal system without the use of chemical synthetic hormones that go, ladies, if that was your choice of treatment, you swell up like a balloon, making you take average additional 10 kilos.

We may also prescribe some products from our new generation of trace elements as calcium does not fail you.

It is said that the fruit does not fall far from the tree and it is clear that heredity plays a significant role in all diseases in general. You are therefore advised to be vigilant and to do an overview on the field because of your parents and grandparents said that Forewarned is forearmed, and it is always better to prevent than to cure, that is to say, to take early preventive measures. In other words, a person with parents or grandparents prone to osteoarthritis problems, osteoporosis or rheumatism may well be predisposed to such disease, as its gene pool already has weaknesses in this field.

Other symptomatic sign of acid-base imbalance: chronic gingivitis.

Recent research tells us that nine out of ten adults suffer from gum inflammation, often due to an acid-base imbalance, a problem that can be solved as soon as you take steps to change your diet and improve your dental hygiene.

List of symptoms and diseases which can be caused by hyperacidity (acidosis):

Canker sores on the lips and in the mouth
osteoarthritis (when the calcium level in the blood drops due to an acidic pH, the body is forced to puncture the body reserves and mineral materials - yes, you guessed it - these are the cells, teeth the bones that are involved.

Osteoarthritis, caries and osteoporosis are the logical consequences!)

bronchitis - heartburn - rectal burns
kidney and bladder stones - muscle cramps - hair loss
Depression - Diabetes - eczema - Chronic Fatigue
cracks in the corners of his mouth - nervousness - Flu
Gout - herniated disc - oral and genital herpes - inflammation
gums - headache - heavy limbs - headaches - nervousness
Osteoporosis - ear infections - loss of energy and tiredness after meals
arthritis - vertebrae problems - acid references - rheumatism
colds - bleeding gums - sciatica - tooth sensitivity when consuming hot food, cold, acids - sinusitis - ulcers - varices

What are the reasons that lead to acidify the ground?

The major reason is the unnatural food (the plethora of food makes people fall into the trap). The acidifying power or acid. Lack of physical exercise also plays a role, but the excess of exercises is also harmful. The person who plays sports to excess, sports professionals also become "acid".

In the past, when people mostly foraged plants and fruits and it was their essential travel to that and also they had only rarely get to eat meat, these diseases were unknown. It is not without reason that speaks of lifestyle diseases. Ill-health is often the result of tens or even hundreds of unbalanced meals. The current lifestyle with its activities where it remains mostly sitting, lack of movement, aggression, anger, negative thoughts, overwork, stress and generalized violence, lack of sleep (often already in children visibly marked by dark circles) contribute to this healthcare debacle. Same color environment play a role. And "last but not least", remember overeating, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, "say legal" and others.

He was What else makes us acid?

Many factors play a role in the emotional and psychological areas, inevitably they exercise on our body a long-term impact: the colors, the music, clothes. Synthetic fabrics make acids. We should wear clothes preference of cotton, wool, linen or silk. The colors we choose also play their role. The red, orange, yellow and black are rather acids. Green is neutral. All shades of blue, indigo, violet are alkaline.

What about the music? Guess.

Rock and roll is it acidic or alkaline? How to classify the "country" or western music and techno music? You are right, they are all "Acid".

Returning to food: when your diet is too acidic and you overeat, your body has no chance to regenerate or heal. It degrades. To obtain an ideal balance you need a diet of 80% alkaline. This means that you need to focus on the consumption of fruit and vegetables and proteins are not to be consumed in small quantities. The man who controls his habits and his life only needs 50 grams of protein daily.

These proteins can be from 200 grams of meat or a vegetarian equivalent or you can live a kilo (1000 grams) of yogurt. The rest of your diet should be alkaline. The only exception being a very demanding physical work. Then of course you will need more than 50 grams of protein. There are many books on the topic of nutrition and dietetics, the more you read, the better it will be.

Avoid sugar and salt. Unfortunately all canned and pre-packaged food produced or sold for cutting without exception all contain salt or sugar. Sugar appeals to your emotions and salt used for preservation.

Food handled this way remain too long in the body, digestion is not done perfectly and causes rot in the intestines. This can only bring you the disease.

We establish the following four lists of food: acidifiers, acids, alkalis and those that lead to degeneration and must be avoided as much as possible and alkalis.

Acidifying foods, even if they are not acidic initially produce acids during the metabolic process:

Peanut - Butter - charcuterie - cheese - animal fat - milk
dried beans, lentils, chickpeas (if you soak for at least 2 hours or overnight, you can neutralize the phytic acid by the interaction of phytoses)
fish (but to a lesser extent)
eggs - soy - meat

Acidic foods:

Apricots - Asparagus - sour cherries - lemons (in some there may be a alcoolisant effect)
Sauerkraut - spinach - fruits (unless they are mature, they will be more acidic)
dried fruit - fruit juice (except that of mango) - mandarins
Honey - oranges - grapefruit - whey in liquid form (first basic, but after acid)
protein - sour apples - leeks - rhubarb - salt - sugar - tomato
apple vinegar - wine - yoghurt

Foods to avoid to the maximum:

Alcohol - industrial sugary drinks - cocoa - coffee
sugary refined cereals (even if you see the brand and its advertising everywhere)
Chocolate - Canned - dextrose - white flour - fast food
fries - fructose - wipers - heated fat
hydrogenated fats - grills
refined oils (cold pressed eat those)
heated oils
UHT milk - maltodextrin - mannitol
white bread - white pasta - pastries - syrup
white sugar (even the whole sugar is acidic)
sweets - black tea

The basic or alkaline foods:

These foods contain basic components and almost no acids: suracidifié organization can deacidify and balance alkaline manner. By oxidation, no acid occurs in the body.

Algae - bananas
Whole grains: Although cereals have a characteristic acidic it should germinate them (ideally) or cook over low heat, which may have an alkalizing effect on the body.
chestnuts (chestnut flour is recommended if you want to prepare pastries)
fresh white cheese
germinated seeds (sunflower, alfalfa, soybeans, etc.) the germination causes alkalinization. The starch is converted into simple sugars, fat-soluble fatty acids and proteins into amino acids. The vitamins and enzymes increases significantly from 300 to 1,000%)
oatmeal soaked overnight for at least 2 hours
especially vegetables eaten raw and correct culture, natural, organic
whey (in just powder, not diluted beforehand in the trade. Its proteins with high biological value, is rich in minerals and vitamins. Even though allergies to milk support it).
Almond: It is better to germinate. Proteins are transformed into amino acids and fat-soluble fatty acids. As with other sprouted seeds, simply soak them in a good water (not the tap water) throughout the night.

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