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Foods Classification

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

There are 4 main categories of foods classified as living food:

According to E. Bordeaux-Székély

Biogenic foods:
These are the foods that abound the most energy and life. They are highly alkalinizing and energy. They have a high enzyme content, predigested complete protein, minerals, nucleic acids, vitamins, DNA, RNA and B12. These foods have the ability to regenerate and revitalize the human body. In this category, we have all the germs, namely nuts and soaked and sprouted seeds, grains and sprouted pulses and sprouts of wheat and other comprehensive shoots eaten or juiced. Germination increases the enzymatic level of 6 to 20 times.

Bioactive Food:
These are the foods that can maintain and amplify a little life force already healthy. Bioactive foods include fruits and vegetables and organic, raw or unprocessed.

Organic foods static:
These are the foods that do not promote life or that do not generate. They decrease the quality of the functioning of the body. These are the foods speed bumps of life and promote the aging process. These are the raw foods and raw foods that are no longer fresh.

Biocides foods:
Or destructive of life. These are adulterated foods, irradiated, refined, such as white sugar, bread, white, sweets, sodas, frozen meals, all kinds of meat that has been treated with nitrates, all pasteurized milk and cheese All the pastries containing refined oils, all foods containing preservatives and alcohol. They quickly cause the collapse of the vital operation.

The term "raw food" a feed comprising at least 25% biogenic foods 50% of bioactive food and up to 25% organic static foods.

The living alimentions is a new way of eating, which cuisine it! It invites us to rediscover the subtle flavors and aromas whole foods in their natural form, and is a responsible diet that avoids polluting the earth and the beings that inhabit it.