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Fast with juice

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

To start, here are four interesting observations about fasting.


- It has powerful healing effects on the body, on the mind and the soul.


- It is noted that the concept of fasting is part of all cultures and all religions that have marked our history.

- Today, the civilized man is the only creature on earth not to incorporate the fast lifestyle.

- In the 19th century, Arnold Ehret, who was a pioneer of fasting as self-healing instrument, said: Fasting is the operation of nature table.



By fasting juices means the juice consumption made from raw vegetables and fruits in nature (green juice, watermelon juice, whole fruit juice, etc.).






Less than 1% of our energy 33% mental and spiritual level


(Our understanding of the universe and our place in the universe




8% of our energy 33% Emotional Level


(Our understanding of ourselves and of others)




91% of our energy 33% Physical Level


(Food, sex, hatred)


We believe that all diseases begin with an accumulation of toxins and blockages in the physical and emotional levels. Therefore, the energy of the modern man is usually physically imprisoned. Thanks to the Hippocrates Institute's program and fasting to nutritious juice of one day a week, you release your physical energy and allow it to travel on emotional, mental and spiritual, and you reinforce those plans. In history, many spiritual leaders and major policies have used fasting as a means of improving their health and deepen their understanding.

During the days of fasting, we do not care of "nutritious ownership" traditional food (calories. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats, for example). What is important is energy positive life found in fresh juice facts: enzymes, alkaline minerals and electrolytes. (Interestingly, by the method Kirlian photography, researchers can verify what we say by measuring the positive and negative life energy contained in food. So the sprouts turn out as having the highest positive life energy, Unlike meat to pasteurized dairy products and refined products made from wheat which contain a highly negative life energy.)

After a day of fasting with juice, here are three questions we are asked most often.


1- I felt tired and irritable, and I had bad everywhere during most of the day. Is this normal? In the first fasting day, he must expect these reactions. These are caused simply by the fact that the toxins stored over the years are finally released from the cells and removed by the body. Rejoice, because these ailments reflect the evacuation of toxins. You can reduce your discomfort during the day, especially the amount of green juices.

2- What is the recommended frequency for these fasts one day? Once a week. Pick a day less busy than the others and let your body, your mind and your intuition guide you as you make your interior household. Research shows that in doing so, you may lengthen your 20 year productive life, in addition to increasing your performance during the other six days of the week. People who follow this program say, indeed, that their fasting is the most productive day of the week.

3- Can I fast for more than one day at a time? You can, but only if you are healthy. Anyway, do not exceed three days. (If you want to try a more long fast, we advise you to contact the necessary experience and skills.)





Fasting evokes religious beliefs and traditional practices. He was an integral part of all civilizations and all religions that have marked the history. There are even valid, fasting should be done with water, not the vegetable and fruit juices.


Today, fasting for weight loss has become fashionable. The word "detox" is synonymous with fasting, with the new generation of researchers in the field of health. Since qu'étendu to the main sections of society, fasting has become increasingly popular. It is unfortunate that most people follow this new unattended fashion or advice, by taking risks to their health.


Fasting it meet expectations? When should we fast? Who should fast? In this article, we'll clear guidelines and give advice to those interested in this old method like the world to restore his health. After 20 years of good and bad choices, to provide advice that proved beneficial or not, I think now I can say expert.


When I became interested in fasting, I took the advice of people like Arnold Ehret Professor and his student, Professor Paul Bragg, who claimed both that I agreed to. At the beginning of fasting, I re3ssentais as an energy boost, but this first stage passed, fasting like a physiological and emotional ordeal.


However, I applied the water fasting method with my patients and, in general, the results were good. However, I always seemed to be missing something. By examining the philosophical reasons behind fasting, I found that these reasons were deeply rooted in the history of spirituality.


1- What do I need to drink during the day of fasting?

Based on our experience and research, green juices are emerging as main drink during the day, when aiming for optimum results. As supplements, can also drink purified water (with lemon), watermelon or cucumber juice, herbal teas or cut small amounts of water freshly squeezed juices.

2- How much fluid should I drink during the day?

We suggest to drink at least two quarts (the equivalent of eight 8-ounce glasses each) during the day, most of which in the morning and the last drink at least three hours before bedtime. Thus, we minimize the risk of having to get up at night to use the bathroom.

3- What do I have to eat the day after my day of fasting and when do I eat it?

In the morning, you prepare an enema with added juice to cleanse the colon and ensure a balanced environment for the microbial flora, since this organ is vital for elimination. Then drink. Your body will be able to finish cleaning. The first meal should be light: preferably a fruit ripened in the tree or a few sprouts and vegetables easier to digest. Give your digestive system a chance to get back to work smoothly. You can eat 30 minutes after taking your first fluid intake during the day. For lunch and dinner, you can resume your eating habits. It is important to realize that the day after a day of fasting juices offers a golden opportunity to improve their eating habits.


Below is given the information necessary to do the fasting day with juice, a success. Consider this day like any other day except that you will eat your living foods juice form rather than in solid form.


BREAKFAST: Juice of watermelon or cucumber (skin and seeds included) or apple juice, grapes, pears, berries, and all other fruits. Only use organic fruit. Except for the watermelon juice, cut your juice 1 part juice to 2 parts water.


IN THE MORNING: Purified water, lemon water or herbal teas at will.


LUNCH: green juice / vegetable juice.


AFTERNOON: Purified water, lemon water or herbal teas at will.


DINNER: green juice / vegetable juice. (Try not to drink after the meal)



Green juice fasting based juices:

50% juice extracted from sprouts, young green shoots or edible weeds (dandelion, purslane leaves, leaves of sorrel, arugula, etc.)



Herbs: parsley, cilantro, basil or dill

Flavors: garlic or ginger



Juice of carrots, beets and other vegetables with high sugar content. The pancreas of a large number of people can not treat the sugar content of these juice vegetables consumed.




Leaning on biological facts, I realized that more than 90% of Westerners were feeding poorly or inadequately and that, in these conditions, fasting only with water further complicated the nutrition problem. In addition, the acids in fruit juices and oxygen contained greens juice contribute to emulsify fats, salts of calcium deposits in tissues and organs (which does not contain in normal state) and toxins, while the distilled water only acts as cleanser.


Bridge is necessary to add that the emotional upheaval is greater for a person who can rely on stimulating his taste buds to calm his anxieties swallowing. There is no doubt that water fasting and juice fasting to give both body at rest it needs, but after much research alone and in groups, I resolutely opted for fasting juices.


The best definition of fasting Ehret comes from: it is the "nature of the operation table." Fasting is actually the way that nature has given us to bring our system to rest and allow the energy of healing and growth to take off. Through fasting, one ceases to encourage the constant loss of energy that require digestion and assimilation.


Considering the universal truths and data of scientific research, we find that all life needs a time to rest and grow. The seasons obey this necessity, as the farmer who let his field fallow every seven years. Sleep itself is a vital time to rest, without which the body is doomed to malfunction and imbalance.


Anyone sensible would not abuse a machine by making it run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yet this is what most of us do to our body since childhood. Eating meat takes the organs and body chemistry in the breach for more than 3 days; it impoverishes the more it enriches system. Considering the stress that meat consumption requires our digestion system and assimilation, one can understand that the disease makes its appearance. In light of these data, it is reasonable to adhere to the principle of fasting to maintain health.


Many people believe that long fasts are beneficial. In some cases, that's true. However, we recommend to most of our customers to fast one day a week. For thirty years, we at the Hippocrates Institute, put our customers at the diet of raw sprouts juice, fruit juice and vegetable juice. And, of course, all are thereby well.


We always said we had to spend one day in seven to rest. The benefits withdrawn from the rigorous application of this principle are considerable. You will have fifty-two days per year during which your body will not need to tap into its electrical and biochemical resources for its vital forces. Indeed, they will be immediately available in the juice.


The only exceptions to the rule, which is to fast one day a week, they are very weak and emaciated people, very addicted pregnant women whose pregnancy is advanced (five months or more) and, above all, people who count not provide the necessary balance of liquid, that is to say 1/3 of the diet raw sprouts juice, vegetable juice 1/3 and 1/3 fruit juice to alkaline properties.


The most common problems facing our new customers who fast are juices discomfort early, weakness and headaches caused by the disposal of waste stored in the organs, in arteries and into the bloodstream and caused by the release of that product at the emotional level. Oriental doctors consider that the liver is the organ of releasing anger, to speak only of this vital organ.


The day chosen for fasting should be a quiet day. As you get used to fast one day a week as your lifestyle will improve, you will be able to fast in the middle of the work week and feel wonderful, sometimes better than when you eat (because the contribution of instant energy related to fasting juices)


Fasting for weight loss should be part of our lifestyle. Also, someone who goes to juice fasting to new orgies in his body creates a yo-yo effect against damaging and productive. Personally, I fast one day a week for sixteen years and I think this is the most beautiful gift of health that I am me.


I have no hesitation in recommending fasting on juices. In the program of the Institute titled Rendezvous with health, we strive to provide our customers the best working tools available. Fasting with juice is definitely the backbone of our program. We hope you will give this method its chances to improve your life and keep happy and fully productive.