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What to eat when sick

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

If you suffer from discomfort that keeps you in bed, like the flu, a good way to help your body heal itself would consume only liquids during the height of the crisis. Freshly extracted vegetable juice whenever possible, broths made with good fresh vegetables that have simmered in water and allowed to cool before it will lift the lid in order not to let mineral evaporate with steam , the potato peel broth for potassium it contains and will help to drain acids.

If you are sick for a long time, it would be wise to respect food combinations, as this will greatly facilitate your digestion, and energy saved will be spent on repairing your body. Thus, in the same meal, combine vegetables with 70% of 30% protein could be an excellent choice. At the other meals, you can consume 70% of vegetables and 30% starch. The golden rule is to never consume starches and proteins at the same meal, especially in period of illness. And, of course, no one should eat sugar after meals, consume no frying, of course, avoiding any food or drink denatured.



For nursing mothers

If you are a breastfeeding mom and you run out of milk, rather than wean the baby, why not try to increase the quantity and quality of your milk by eating marshmallow tablets (not the candy, of course, but the herb called marshmallow) and alfalfa? There are also homeopathic treatments to relieve mothers whose breasts are engorged or to activate lactation. On sale in all good health food stores.





It could be that you are kind of yin and your glands are small. In addition to adopting a proper lifestyle, the extract taken raspberry contains lots of vitamins and minerals, could support your approach towards better health and by extension, to a more natural appetite things of love.


Drugs that cause falls

Taking certain medications may be responsible for loss of balance and falls. Indeed, some products, free or not sell, cause dizziness. Caution is advised, especially for people of a certain age can weaken the fractures in whom they may even precipitate the loss of autonomy.



IF ... you suffer from congestion in the lungs or a good heavy cold, here is a syrup recipe that might help you: a large onion cut into chunks and mix with 180ml (3 / 4tasse) unpasteurized honey. Cover and let stand for 4 to 8 hours at room temperature (lukewarm). Take 5ml (1c.à tea) every half hour (it is not necessary to eat onion). Honey is a natural antibiotic. Keep cool after macerated

IF ... you have asthma, celery juice can relieve you. For fever, celery / parsley juice and for cleaning of the body in general, celery juice / parsley / spinach / carrot would be beneficial. Always use organic vegetables to the juice, otherwise the chemicals in the industrially grown vegetables will be concentrated in the juice. You could risk doing you more harm than good.

IF ... you want good supplement of vitamin A, an excellent choice would be the halibut liver oil. We know that this vitamin improves eyesight, strengthens the tissues and protects the mucous membranes so that they are irritated by toxins. It therefore contributes significantly to the health of the lungs.

Potato peel broth

The organic peel 3 large potatoes (about 1cm (1 / 2in) thick)


6 bio celery stalks

3 carrots bio

1 bunch parsley Bio

Put in a pot with 2 L (8tasses) of pure water.

Close tightly and simmer about 30 minutes.

Let cool without lifting the lid.

Consuming 2 or 3 large cups a day until recovery of this stock, and even longer if desired.