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Being vegetarian

  • Date : 08 Mar 2017

Be vegetarian tTout indicates that the human body is designed to absorb plant rather than meat.


1- Teeth: Carnivores have fangs and teeth particularly suited to shred the meat. In addition, their jaws which move not only up and down but also laterally to allow a more complete mastication.

2- The digestive tract: All the digestive tract of man measuring thirty-two to thirty-six feet in length, from the mouth to the rectum. If we drew a straight line from the mouth to the rectum, it would be approximately two and a half feet to three feet in adults of average size, which means that food travels from ten to twelve times that distance during the process of digestion. In carnivorous animals, the digestive system measures only one to one and a half times the distance from the mouth to the rectum. Carnivores are able to digest food much faster than humans, and they eliminate residues before decay occurs. In addition, they secrete more hydrochloric acid to decompose the amino acid in meat. Food consumed so that the carnivorous man creates imbalances in their body forcing the digestive system to produce abnormally high amounts of hydrochloric acid. This leads to excessive acidity in the entire digestive tract, which in turn is the source of all kinds of problems in the physical functioning of the human body.

3- The small intestines of carnivores and humans carnivore- Differences: The inner walls of the small intestine of carnivorous animals is a pretty and rather short, so that food through the small intestine rapidly. The small intestine midsize man about twenty-two feet long and an inch in diameter. If it was simply a tube to the United walls in the style of the intestine of the animal, it would have roughly the dimensions of a wall poster medium format, once unfolded and laid flat. But the small intestine of man carries on his inner walls of hundreds of thousands of small thread-like projections called villi. If we could unfold it and lay flat, it would cover a tennis court. When cheminent food in the small intestine, nutrients are absorbed between the villi and are found in the blood.


Dairy products, wheat and concentrated proteins such as meat generate abnormal amounts of mucus in the stomach and in the small intestine, which impairs the absorption of nutrients in it. Imagine what must have looked the walls of the small intestine of people who eat a lot of shellfish, pastes made of flour, cheese giving mucus, eggs, meat, pasta, bread, etc. The cavities colon become coated with a kind of sludge that accumulates, thereby reducing more and more the diameter of the channel used by the food. People who eat a lot of spicy food irritating the membranes are such that more mucus is secreted yet to protect the intestinal walls. All these mucus significantly impede the absorption of nutrients, so that the body gradually becomes hungry, and has a rapidly aging immune system weakens. By eliminating our system molluscs and mucus source of dairy products, eggs and meat, and adopting a vegetarian diet, the body cleans itself gradually and becomes more able to absorb nutrients in food .


The fiber in vegetables also act as a cleaning agent, for they carry with them the "muddy" Sometimes residues accumulated for years. We need this permanent internal cleaning, cleaning is done automatically when we eat the type of food that suits us, such as fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts and other foods high in fiber. Another digestive problem is caused by the absorption of water or drinks during the meal, in the stomach and prevents complete digestion, especially the digestion of proteins.