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What is Live Food

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

Live food is simply sprouted foods, wines, fruits, vegetables,
Nuts, seeds, algae without forgetting nothing was taken or refined
What is the difference between living and raw food?
The living and raw food both contain enzymes.
In the live feed, the enzyme contained is much higher
Cru, not sprouted nuts and seeds contain enzymes in a state "dormant"
Activate the enzymes present in almonds, for example, soaked in water for 24 hours
Once the almonds begin to germinate, the enzymes become "active" and are considered alive
Zymosis enzyme comes from the word Greek word for fermentation nowadays there are 1500 different identification
Digestion is not the only function that the enzymes in our body minerals vitamins and hormones have all necessary enzymes to their functions enzymes are catalysts nothing if products in them
Why eaten alive?
To restore health in our cells
For what our system needs enzymes to do the necessary to keep us healthy
A cooking, enzymes begin to disappear a 106 degree F and are completely disappeared 116 degree F
Also cooking transforms the molecule of our food
Eliminate overweight digestion problems, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc.
Did you know that it is possible to heal self to such an extent that the memory of the existence of the problem we literally escapes
But most people are unaware of the main causes of their
Health Conditions majority still think the food was just as happy or compensation
To defeat the illness, it has become vital to reconsider our way of eating