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The most contaminated fruits and vegetables

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

So, what are the most contaminated fruits and vegetables? Black list, according to the latest data analyzed Hereâ €:

 4 are the main fruit in the following order:

# 1 (most contaminated): Fishing

# 2: Strawberry

# 3: Apple

# 4: Nectarine

Other highly contaminated fruit in the top 12 are:

Pears # 5

# 6 Cherries

# 7 Raspberry red

# 8 grapes imported (Chile, Mexico, etc.)

Some of these fruits, such as peaches and nectarines and raspberries, can contain up to 45 different pesticides! In general, studies show that these fruits have a higher chance of being contaminated with lots of different pesticide residues.

As for vegetables, the ones that are most likely to expose you to pesticide residues are:

# 1 Celery

# 2 Spinach

# 3 Potatoes

# 4 Sweet Paprika

These vegetables have a high chance of containing pesticide residues, some of them containing more!


The less contaminated product

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

For vegetables


- Corn

- Lawyer

- Cauliflower

- Asparagus

- Onions

- Peas

- Broccoli


The least contaminated fruits are:

- Pineapple

- Mangoes

- Bananas

- Kiwi

- Papaya

Very few mangoes and pineapples have pesticide residues on them, and when they usually contain only one type is. Bananas often contain pesticide residues, but rarely multiple ones.




To avoid pesticides, the best thing is to consume organic products. When this is not possible, choose those who have the least pesticides on them

---> Other important towers to help reduce our pesticide exposure:


* Non-organic fruits skin, as often as possible *: This means pears, apples, etc. I know that many nutritionists say that the skin contains the most vitamins, the skin of the fruit is indigestible, and although it may contain lots of vitamins, they are not treated like vitamins in fruit flesh.


Wash your product with a non-toxic soap. You can buy a non-toxic soap detergent in most health food stores. Use this soap to wash your non-organic peaches or other fruit if you happen to buy them.


Remember though that eating fruits and vegetables non-organic is even better than drinking beer or eating organic organic pizza!