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The facts about living foods.

  • Date : 09 Jan 2016

Un foods based diet of live foods, it is not a new idea. Many ancient civilizations knew the value of a diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, seeds, legumes and fruits shells (walnuts, almonds, etc.) In the early twentieth century, translation of books 1 has 1V of the Essene Gospel of Peace by Dr. Szechely revealed that the use of live food in the treatment of diseases was part of the Western Judeo-Christian tradition and for over two thousand years. It is said that the Essenes, a Jewish sect living two or three centuries before the Christian era consumed mostly live food, anthropologists and historians report that they lived an average of 120 years

The healing powers of living foods are also long been recognized by the Asian medicine. In fact, the use of sprouts in food and medicine is at least twice as old as the great Chinese wall, and historical documents even report.

The value of a diet food based living win support in the medical world over the last hundred years. In the early twentieth century Dr. Max Gerson discovered-power against its own migraines and later against lupus, a disease hitherto considered incurable. He then employed the same type of system against various diseases of the artery blockage mental disorders. Dr. Gerson recognized the power of living foods replenish the vital regenerative power of the body. In 1928, he healed the wife of Albert Schweitzer tuberculosis using this diet. Later, he imposed the same regime to the famous doctor to cure himself his diabetes, and the latter well abandon the use of insulin. Subsequent work allowed Dr. Gerson found that living foods improve cellular respiration while strengthening the immune system. He began the same regime used to treat cancer, with great success. The work of Dr. Max Gerson were highlighted in a very documented book titled A Cancer Therapy.

Around the same time, other specialist medical and scientific world also demonstrated the healing power of living foods. Works such as The Influence of Cook Food on the Blood Formula of Man by Paul Kouchakoff, MD, then the first conger, International Paris Microbiology in 1939, and the volume published by Dr. Edward Howell in 1946 under the title Food Enzymes for Health and Logevity, projected live food to the forefront of nutritional studies.

Many other researchers began to explore the healing power of living foods. The Danish doctor Kristine Nolfi adopted a regime based live food to cure her breast cancer and the positive results of his experimentation, both in itself and its patients, led him created the sanatorium Humlegaarden who won a success bright Denmark. Set by American pioneers of the theory of living foods, include Paul Bragg, and of course, Ann. Wigmore and Victoras Kulvinskas its predecessor which, just a few decades, founded the Hippocrates Institute, or healing powers and restore live food did (and still do) the subject of an experiment first-hand by all those who are the hosts.

Since the 50's, unfortunately, the supermarket, with its cans and processed foods, chemical additives and promises of pesticides, and the convenience of fast food (fast food), have won public favor. The lure of easy has eclipsed the value of live food. But today, after decades of declining health and aging accelerates, the potential live food wins again the attention of the population.