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An honorable mention for garlic

  • Date : 09 Jan 2016

Nature has given us a wonderful panacea garlic, member of the plant genus Allium rich in sulfur. This bizarre bulb, many while assiduously avoiding else to wear the naked and makes a panacea.

Garlic lowers blood pressure by thinning the blood it also lowers blood lipids tells triglycerides and cholesterol.

This is lajoene it contains makes garlic as effective as aspirin to prevent blood platelets from sticking together to cause a heart attack.

Another component of garlic, diallyl sulfide, prevents the formation of tumors, according to studies conducted at Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston. The researchers speculate that diallyl sulfide makes it able to proceed to liver detoxification of chemicals which cause cancer.

According to other studies at the University of Minnesota and the New York University Medical Center, The compounds from garlic sulfur prevent tumors of the stomach and skin. Garlic also contains bio flavonoid, that enemy of cancer that is found in cruciferous (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

The garlic component most acre and has the most pronounced odor is allicin, known for its antibiotic action. During the first world war, life was saved thousands of soldiers bandaging their wounds with bandages soaked in garlic. A moderate dose, allicin neutralizes more than twenty-three types of bacteria, at least sixty kinds of fungi and yeasts, particularly Candida albicans, as well as the Salmonella. At higher doses it completely eliminates them.

However garlic contains certain irritants, which can disrupt those hernias or stomach problems. Many believe, however, that garlic in moderate amount (a few cloves a day) is beneficial. The powders and garlic salts contain very little antibacterial and anticoagulant cleanings garlic, so that only fresh garlic should be used.

Essential oils of garlic are fragile. Being even slightly cook the garlic clove destroys cleanings antibiotic allicin. Numerous studies suggest that garlic garlic would be a beneficial addition to a young juices, The detoxifying properties of garlic accelerate the cleaning process and facilitate the removal of harmful bacteria, and hyperacidity annoying intestinal parasites are more common than generally want to admit.

Put two cloves in a garlic press and add bonus lint obtained your vegetable juice for a more thorough cleaning. The whole garlic clove does not feel anything, but the more you chop the end, more smell and taste are pronounced. In The Official Garlic Lover's Hanbook have read that we are interested in more garlic and more we hachons end, more garlic fills us with his bienfaits.Une honorable mention for garlic