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  • Date : 09 Jan 2016



The minerals are the basis of the constitution of the body. Without them, no possible structure, no body, no operation, no life.

A healthy body is like a fertile soil. He has in himself to everything he needs to be what he is, among other minerals it is composed. But when it lacks the elements, his life is mortgaged and disease sets in.


Our mineral reserves are like a bank account. At birth, we lacked nothing, our portfolio was busy. Then, little by little, we used these minerals not only for current expenditure but also to splurge and to repair the damage that was caused wanton life. And as our food was poor, we could not replace them


Our account quickly emptied and we had to borrow to fill the gap and provide for our current needs as well as our follies. We took minerals teeth, bones and organs to continue to live or rather survive. But there are limits and this is our entire organization is now weakened and ill. We have to pay if we do not want to spend the rest of our lives trapped by the disease.


To get there, there is only one solution: changing our lifestyle and our diet, not waste our precious minerals and fill our deficiencies by increased intake. The ideal diet is a vegan diet consisting only of raw organic foods


Typically, the modern diet is deficient in nutrients and especially mineral and often these same elements, due to digestive dysfunction can not be used by the body.


That is why it is imperative to adopt a nutritious diet. If we refuse it, take nutritional supplements is a necessity because our power would have difficulties to fill all the gaps.


The quality of mineral supplements is very important. They must be bio available for the body to use. They must be organic, not from rocks; provenance should be plant or animal.