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The Seaweed

  • Date : 09 Jan 2016

From Wakame is prized for its protein content, its panel of amino acids, and variety of vitamins. Wakame thus forms a true energy cocktail, beneficial for the growth and vitality. Its composition alginic acid helps improve your natural defenses. Wakame is rich in calcium, B vitamins (including B12), vitamin C, sodium, iron, potassium.
Nori has a composition in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins) completely original. All of these are great for helping your body to regain its balance and defend against external aggressions.
Lettuce Sea has a very interesting content essential calcium for your bone mass. Moreover, it contains a lot of minerals (iron, magnesium ...), vitamins and proteins required to maintain your inner balance.
Dulse is equipped with restorative and invigorating properties, thanks to its remarkable nutrient content (protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids). Dulse is an amazing vitality food!
It is a red alga. Rich in iodine, vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, E, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein.
The main advantage of agar is that its calorific value is practically zero, contrary to animal gelatins. It is therefore particularly interesting for its thinness use.
In addition, the fibrous mucilage agar including a soothing effect on the intestinal wall and improve digestion.
Kombu is the food "Fitness" par excellence. Indeed, its composition of minerals and vitamins is ideal to give a boost to your organization.
Kombu also contains fiber good for your digestion.
Mer® bean is highly prized for its original composition in minerals and vitamins. This feature makes Bean Mer® an energetic and invigorating food.
These small brown cylindrical twigs increase of five times their volume when immersed in water.
Rich in iron, calcium and potassium, hijiki has a rather strong taste. I suggest you cook at least twenty minutes to steam before eating.
This blue green algae is probably one of the most beneficial to our organism. This algae has been the subject of much research and many benefits have been allocated. Rich in gamma linolenic acid (a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties), but also in beta carotene (an antioxidant), it is energy increases endurance, revitalize the hair, skin and nails .... Several studies show that Spirulina lowers cholesterol, suppresses tumor development and enhances immunity.