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Hippocrate formula for weight control

  • Date : 10 Jan 2016

You are now wondering how the Hippocrates Health Program is a contribution by all of these diets? The answer is simple and straightforward. The Hippocrates Health Program is unbeatable when it comes to reduce or maintain its long-term point of effectively and safely It combines exercise and diet it recognizes the important psychological factors in a diet and offers a surefire program.
To lose weight
The Hippocratic contains a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and low in fat - a formula that looks like that of most effective modern weight loss programs (such as the Pritikin diet) But the Hippocratic scheme has an asset Additional unique enzymes .The enzymes break down excess fat to allow disposal. Examination of fatty deposits in individuals weighing between three hundred and five hundred pounds (136 227 Kilos) has revealed an abnormally low levels of lipase, an enzyme that allows the hydrolysis of lipids. Only enzymes can break down and eliminate fat deposits, so if restrictive or low in calories it is, any long-term diet that includes only foods low in enzymes end up frustrating those who adopt it. Most dieting, even allowed the best, fail to produce the results promised by what they do not contain enzymes. Being devoid of enzymes cooked foods are fattening, while, in equal quantities, raw foods do not.
Unlike other diets that work against nature, Hippocrates diet works with it. Dieting-based live food does not mean depriving yourself, but take a superior power producing a slow weight loss, regular and healthy This account does not require or calories or weigh food portions on a tiny scale kitchen, and does not create the impression of deprivation (when not eating) or guilt (when eaten) characteristics of other regimes. The same regime live food that nurtures and heals sulfur diabetes or arthritis is wonderful for obese .The Hippocrates diet contributes to weight loss by helping the natural digestion mechanisms the body has to perform the following tasks:
1 = Eliminating hunger by providing all the nutrients and calories the body needs.
2 = Restore the proper functioning of the digestive system and help to make the most of foods consumed and eliminate waste before they turn into unwanted fat
3 = Provide the necessary enzymes disintegration and removal of greasy deposits.
After consuming live foods for a few weeks, you will get to eat less naturally .The live foods will help you feel satiated because they contain a lot of natural fiber and essential nutrients. Your body will cease to ask for still more. These terrible cravings that lead to excess and obesity are linked to cooked food.
The final diagnosis is: the obesity rate is increasing because we eat too many foods high in calories but lacking enzymes and fiber, not enough vegetables fruits, sprouts, beans and cereals, raw and not manufactured. Processed foods contain a too high density of calories and provide too little energy. It takes thirty corn cobs to extract the amount of oil required to make a single order of fries. It takes two pounds (one kilogram) to extract beet sugar for seasoning the piece of pie with fruit and soft drinks that make up a typical fast food. These articles (and others too concentrated or refined foods) provide less fiber than whole foods (with extra calories, of course) you can feel less satiated. If you consume whole live foods by balancing the foods providing more or less energy, you can not fill your stomach enough in three meals to become obese. It's as simple as that