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The 5 best minerals to neutralize the acidity

  • Date : 09 Jan 2016

All minerals have an essential function, but some of them are more alkaline.

Is probably the most alkaline mineral. Its action is much felt in the gut region.

You will find the sodium in abundance in gelatin, celery, dulse (and other algae), parsley, egg yolk, fish, lentils, peas dried, veal joint broth , asparagus, dates, figs, kale (kale), whey, sesame and sunflower seeds, green vegetables, beet greens, dandelion and watercress. (The table salts and sea contain sodium inorganic source, which is not absorbed by the body.)

is also alkaline than sodium and is largely used to neutralize the acid in the muscles.

Especially is found in kale (kale), red and green cabbage, potato peels (1.3 cm or ½ inch thick), dulse, olives, kelp, vinegar unpasteurized apple cider, lettuce leaf, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, watercress, wheat germ, rice polissure, fish and soy milk.

Is nicknamed the Great relaxing. Its action manifests itself much in the nervous system.

Yellow corn, all yellow vegetables in general, sprouted whole wheat and wheat germ, the calf bone broth, gelatin, dulse, dates, figs .séchées, fish, goat milk , spinach, wild rice, rye, soy milk, chard, tofu, watercress and hop herbal tea, among others, are high.

Is widely used to neutralize the acids in bone, among other things.

Among the best dietary sources of this mineral include sesame seeds, almonds, avocado, dark green vegetables, algae (Irish moss, dulse, and agar, among others) watercress, cheese Unpasteurized., chard, kale (kale), gelatin, rice polissure, fish, cauliflower, broccoli, grains like whole wheat, millet, brown rice and oats and Black Mission figs them.

Is mainly used to neutralize acids that lodge in the brain,

Walnuts in shell, soon consumed the broken shell, raw green vegetables (cooking tends to destroy manganese) .the pineapple, blueberry, carob and oats are excellent sources.


The massage to calm
The nervous system of most of us are hard-pressed. Everything is going too fast, and responsibilities are heavy. Fortunately, we can provide sweet moments, like good massages.IL exist in great variety. The scalp massage, shiatsu, Swedish massage, reflexology, neuromuscular massage, therapeutic touch and Thai massage, to name a few, are gifts we can ask relatives or afford yourself. It is sure that after a session you can not see his problems the same way.

80 about 0/0 of all the oxygen that enters the body would be monopolized by the brain. If it is missing, it runs out, and the nervous system which is directly connected it falls flat. In the long term this could lead to burnout and depression. No wonder we are witnessing a rapid rise in these conditions, because the food we eat, cooked or fried, no longer contains oxygen .In addition, the air we breathe contains less and less, especially inside buildings. And few people are walking in the fresh air on a regular basis.

IF ..... You want to clean your skin thoroughly and get rid of dead skin, the ideal is to brush your entire body before showering in the morning. Indeed, during the night, this body removal skin what makes a work of purification. Ideally, leave the ends to go up towards the heart gesture provides a feeling of vigor and freshness.

Your nervous system is exhausted, this may manifest as dilated pupils even in the light. Cell juices hypericum, .d'avoine and borage could help you greatly improve this condition. (On sale in some health food stores)

You suffer from menstrual cramps, parsley juice could be indiqué.IL also contributes to the functioning of the cardiovascular system.