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Here are 5 natural products to clean and sanitize your home

  • Date : 06 Jan 2016

White vinegar:


White vinegar, spirit vinegar or crystal, is known for its virtues descaling; household products such as coffee pots, kettles or irons and find their new state. It is very effective for descaling the toilet and taps. It also helps combat odors from the refrigerator, oven and trash.

The lemon :


Lemon is a green ally to clean and sanitize the bathroom and the toilet; lime stains on the sink or bathtub disappear after having rubbed with its pulp. Associated with white vinegar, it is even more effective. It also allows to degrease the microwave oven; put half a lemon in a bowl of water and boil all in the microwave oven. Let cool, remove the bowl and wipe the oven cavity and rinse with a damp cloth. Finally a mid-olive oil mixture, half lemon can dust the furniture; let stand and rub with a soft cloth.

The soap : pastedGraphic_2.pdf Originally from the Middle East, the soap can be used for many purposes . It is a stain remover , applied directly to the garment before washing. Insecticide and effective antiseptic , it can also be used to clean windows without having to rinse, to degrease the oven and hood . It "feeds" tile, linoleum , marble and slate. As it contains olive oil, black soap treats along the skin of the hands.

Baking soda:


It is found in almost all recipes natural cleaning products as it is effective! Completely biodegradable, baking soda neutralizes odors, refreshes, whitens and cleans surfaces; it can also act as a natural pesticide (to repel ants). For example, for washing plastic containers; just let them soak for several hours in 1 liter of water with 2 tablespoons (= table) baking soda, rub with a sponge and rinse.

Citrus fruits:


The fragrances found in supermarkets are expensive and often contain chemical components (formaldehyde, benzene). Better to use citrus peels for example. Heated 5 minutes at medium temperature oven, or directly into the fireplace, it perfumes naturally and effectively throughout the house. A decoction of mint and lime put to boil a few minutes will give your immediate environment scents of spring.