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A drug has the same efficiency 4 years after the expiry date

  • Date : 02 Nov 2015

Expiry date on medicines and foods (paid to manufacturers !!!)

The US military had for more than a billion of drugs and wanted to know if it was true that he had to dispose of according to the date indicated. They all just a product tested and lost some of its effectiveness after 4 years.

Dr. Christiane Laberge said the same thing in his column on the radio at 98.5 two weeks ago. But she said that he should not say too much because pharmaceutical companies do not like that ...

Conservation deadlines imposed by manufacturers to sell a maximum of products and regularly renew their stocks.

In fact, yogurts were analyzed and tasted 57 days after the last drinking day allowed on the package: the same flavor, the same freshness, so no problem to be consumed.

Same for the vacuum meats that can be used 15 days after the date displayed consumption.

For biscuits, vacuum biscuits of all kinds: confectionery, chocolates, dried vegetables: pasta, rice, lentils ... these products are consumables and flavor even 3-4 years after the use by date shown.

Industrial organize this food waste to increase their profits and satisfy shareholders increasingly demanding.

A doctor confirmed that the same is true for pills. This is a "racket" of the pharmaceutical companies. The only difference is that after 3 years, the efficiency is slightly decreased at around 95% instead of 100%.

So before you throw your Tylenol, Imodium, aspirin and other pills like that, you think only enrich the pharmaceutical companies that make $$$$$$$$$ at your expense !!!