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"Diseases are but the consequences of our lifestyle.” ~ Hippocrates

A number of diseases are preventable with the right choice of foods and awareness about benefits and risks associated with foods. In different studies it has been established that enzymes are key factors in preventing disease and extending the human lifespan.

While enzymes may not share the luminary status that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other health nutrients do, they do deserve acknowledgement for improving overall health and successfully treating various diseases.

At Alimentation Vivante, our aim is to help people understand the value of enzymes in their food choice and make necessary changes in diet to lead healthier lives. This is an integrated platform where you will find news and blogs from health experts, healthy enzymes-enriched recipes, e-books and access to health products that you can buy online.

The father of enzyme nutrition and therapy, Dr. Edward Howell mentioned that enzymes are the very substances making life possible. However, the mainstream medicine industry has largely ignored this fact. So the vital role of enzymes in sustaining good health has been overlooked. Their potential in preventing and controlling spread of diseases has remained underrated.
Proponents of enzyme therapy consider enzyme bankruptcy as a lethal health catastrophe that can cause many premature deaths.





Understanding Enzymes

Researchers have identified over 3000 kinds of enzymes in human body. As organic catalysts they start, speed up, slow down, change or stop numerous biochemical reactions. And there are thousands of biochemical reactions ongoing in our body every day. These include respiration, digestion, transportation of nutrients, detoxification of certain organs, purification of blood, movement of muscles and cell renewal. Enzymes make all these processes possible and get destroyed once they complete the tasks.

The three broad categories of enzymes are digestive, metabolic, and food enzymes. Digestive enzymes are formed by the digestive organs that help to break down food into more digestible forms.

Metabolic enzymes are produced by the body's own cells for highly specific tasks needed in regulating the blood, tissues, and organs. They help in production and growth of new cells, repair of tissues and organs, transmit of blood to the different organs, and detoxification of the cells, tissues, organs, and blood.

Food enzymes are the essential life forces found naturally in uncooked food.


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