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That most vitamins sold throughout the world are synthetics 95 % of them

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That most vitamins sold  throughout the world are synthetics 95 % of them

Sadly they can also weaken the immune  system

because of their synthetic nature the body views them as foreign substances

Naturally occurring vitamins are derived solely from food and medicinal sources such as fruits,vegetables,or botanicals

Synthetic vitamins are pure chemical compounds that have never been alive within a whole food or botanical as created by nature in there chemical form synthetic vitamins may have a shelf life of thousands of years and quite stable just like synthetic drug compounds 


Many manufacturer of soft-gel vitamins add partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

This  oils that have been linked as a cause of cardiovascular disease,stokes,and heart attacks are sometimes added as filler to vitamins sold in health food stores

That 90% of the vitamins C manufactured in the world is synthetic,most of them come from china 


Vitamin are organic micro-nutriments essential to normal human metabolism,

and most are not manufactured by the body but are present in minute quantities in natural foodstuffs 

Vitamins are divided  into four fat soluble types A,D,E,K

and nine water soluble types eight B and C. 

The fat soluble vitamins can be store in the body and do not need to be ingested every day, ingesting too munch of them can create toxicities.

The water solution are more easily eliminated and can be taken in larger amounts without munch danger of toxicity.

Vitamin C and eight B vitamins (except for vitamin B12 and folic acid ) are water soluble They cannot be store and must be consumed frequently for optimal health

These synthetic vitamins are  fortified into many of our breads,cereals,pastas,and other grain products,as well as many dairy products,drink



 Low level of vitamin B5 have been linked to symptoms of arthritis and vitamin 

B3 improve joint flexibility and reduce joint inflammation.


When Chromium supplements were given to those with depression their symptoms  showed significantly greater improvement 


Research has show vitamins E and C and beta-carotene to be key to eye health (26)


Selenium and vitamin C and E play the role of antioxidants in the human body