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Ginkgo Biloba The natural remedy No. 1 in Germany

Ginkgo Biloba
The natural remedy No. 1 in Germany
Many of you are probably already followers of ginkgo biloba .. Its effectiveness is not proven. Ginkgo biloba is used mainly to prevent Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. It improves the tone, memory and concentration. This is what makes it one of the most popular natural remedies available.
A legendary tree
Ginkgo biloba is an extraordinary tree that comes from ancient times. It appeared there 300 million years. By comparison, the first dinosaurs appeared here 230 million years, and man there are 5 million years. Charles Darwin called ginkgo biloba "fossil tree" because it is the oldest tree species whose specimens are still identical to their ancestors there are 300 million years. Ginkgo biloba can measure 50 meters high and live to be 1000 years old. Following the great glaciations, we could not find gingko biloba in China. Attributed to the legendary emperor Chen Nung-the Treaty on trees and roots dating from 2600 years BC already mentions his virtues. These are Chinese women who were collecting the fruit of the ginkgo which fell to the ground in the fall. They wore gloves because the fruit flesh, fetid and toxic, can cause skin allergies. The fruit of the core was used to treat asthma and bronchitis. [1] If he survived so many millennia is that ginkgo biloba is very resilient to environmental change and pollution. It is virtually indestructible: the first vegetation pushed after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 was a ginkgo still charred! Ginkgo biloba is a tree of its own.
The secret is in the ginkgo leaves
The leaves of ginkgo biloba act on the circulation. They allow to thin the blood, improving oxygenation and dilate blood vessels to increase their throughput. So the brain is better fed, which has a positive effect on cognitive function - memory, concentration [4-5]. Ginkgo is also a powerful antioxidant that helps protect nerve cells from free radicals. Its neuroprotective effects can prevent Alzheimer's disease. This is very serious: the gingko leaf is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the German Commission on herbal therapies (Commission E), against dementia, memory loss, disorders attention and depression. [4] It's simple:
In Germany, ginkgo is repaid
Drugs gingko biloba based order are the most prescribed medicines in Germany for decades. [4] And are reimbursed, confirming that the Germans have always been a step ahead of the natural treatments. The efficacy of ginkgo on memory has been demonstrated in numerous studies:
A summary of 8 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled found that gingko had effects against the symptoms of dementia, cerebral failure, similar to dihydroergotoxines a drug like Hydergine [6-7].
A summary of studies of more than 6 months controlled double-blind against placebo showed that ginkgo extract was as effective against Alzheimer's disease in its moderate form the second generation cholinesterase inhibitors. [8]
A summary of 9 studies came to the conclusion that ginkgo was more effective than placebo for treating dementia. [9]
The Cochrane group, in a synthesis of 33 clinical trials, confirmed an improvement of cognitive functions in patients treated with ginkgo. The researchers also observed that treatment with ginkgo was easy to follow for patients - few side effects [10-11].
Against a placebo controlled clinical trial demonstrated that a drug based on ginkgo biloba had a positive effect on cognitive function of patients with Alzheimer's disease [12].
A synthesis made in 2010 on all senior clinical trials at 12 weeks found that ginkgo had a significant effect on cognitive function in all cases of dementia. [13]
The Study Epidos study of 7500 French subjects and Paquid study that followed 4,000 patients for 15 years has demonstrated the effectiveness of a regular intake of Ginkgo on Alzheimer's disease [14].
A clinical trial was conducted during 3 years on 118 subjects aged 85 and over who had no prior memory problems. The researchers found that the group taking ginkgo had 68% lower risk of developing memory problems than the group taking a placebo. [15]
A large clinical trial has shown that a drug based on ginkgo biloba as effective as the drug donepezil (Aricept) used against Alzheimer's disease. [16]
Generally, ginkgo biloba is at least as effective as conventional drugs to delay Alzheimer's disease and to alleviate disorders related to cognitive decline.
Ginkgo biloba is not just about memory
The efficacy of ginkgo is also recognized for:
the prevention of cardiovascular disease [4]
intermittent claudication (leg pain when walking)
Raynaud's disease,
ovarian cancer [17],
glaucoma, [18]
Impotence [19]
and altitude sickness.
It was also shown that ginkgo biloba protects radiation. [20]
Supplement ginkgo biloba
You have any interest to enjoy the virtues of ginkgo taking a dietary supplement. The leaves are harvested in the fall when they are yellow. It takes 50 kg of leaves to obtain 1 kg of ginkgo extract. The ginkgo based drugs have often been accused of placebo in recent years. [21] That's why I recommend you take a complex based on ginkgo and contains other active ingredients. The advantage of the complex is that it is based on several additional active ingredients, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of ginkgo biloba. For example, A40 Memory is a complex that exploits the synergy of ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, olives and basil. It is an all natural formula.
Hawthorn has properties similar to ginkgo biloba: it improves heart because it makes the heart circulation function, cardiac contraction and oxygenation of the heart more efficient. It is also a recognized antioxidant. Besides hawthorn reduces anxiety without causing drowsiness. [22]
The olive tree is known to be effective against hypertension. It is therefore complementary to the ginkgo and hawthorn as it helps to reduce blood pressure strains the heart and the brain menace. This will relieve the blood vessels. Therefore it also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is believed that the olive tree also has an antioxidant effect [23].
As with basil, it is recognized as [24] antioxidant. The joint action of the ginkgo, hawthorn, olives and basil is to stimulate memory and attention, improve the tone of the nervous system, smoother blood circulation and better regulate the heart's rhythm to master nervousness and anxiety. It's been proven that thanks to its antioxidant action, A40 Memory increases resistance to free radicals by 450%. [25]
Revolutionary technology to absorb the active ingredients
Another advantage of this product is its technology orogranule. With 20 years of scientific research, the research team under the direction of Dr. Gaetano Zannini managed to develop granules that allow the active ingredients act directly on cells .. Because the principle is orogranule it does not contain any envelope. Result: no gelatin pork or beef, no plasticizers, cellulose (sugar), colorants, antibacterial agents such as those used to make the capsule shell. No preservatives, alcohol and other excipients of all kinds [27]. The granules as A40 Memory combine all active (ginkgo, hawthorn, olive, etc.) together. The absence of envelope around the orogranule A40 Memory allows you to melt under the tongue. So you release the active ingredients directly in your mouth, well before they are digested by enzymes in the stomach. A40 Memory To purchase, go here. Four boxes all you need for a complete treatment (4 per day for 20 days, then 2 a day for 40 days). Sincerely, Eric Müller PS If you take anticoagulants or you have hemophilia, you should not take ginkgo biloba will make the blood more fluid.
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