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The big lies

It is vital these days, to deliver us from these great lies that pollute our lives and our society lead to its destruction. Here is a sample:
- We can not regenerate his sight
- You can not live without meat
- Dairy products are good for health
- Dairy products help prevent osteoporosis
- Hydrogenated fats are without dangers
- Vegetarians suffer from deficiencies
- Farm animals do not suffer
- GMOs are without dangers
- The microwave ovens are without dangers
- Nuclear waste is without dangers
- Animal experiments are useful and indispensable
- Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the only effective ways to treat cancer
- Fertilizers are essential and pollute very little
- Organic farming can not feed the world
- Chemical drugs are the only valid means to fight against diseases
- The chemicals do not depress immunity
- Homeopathy and alternative medicines have no scientific basis
- The birth control pill and synthetic hormones at menopause data are without dangers
- AIDS is a contagious disease, sexually transmitted, due to HIV
- Vaccines are effective and dangers
- The chemical medicine kills fewer than cancer and cardiovascular disease unless
- Health is the result of efforts of medicine not every lifestyle
- The health of the skin depends cosmetics employees, not the internal body hygiene
- The cosmetic surgery is effective and dangers
- Must be pursued at all costs the race Progress
- There is no life after death for man is only matter
- Earth is the only inhabited planet in the Universe
- There is no extra-planetary civilization more advanced than that of the earth
- Suffering is inevitable, life is a struggle for survival
- The attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States are due to Muslim terrorists, not the US military
- The followers of the Solar Temple were not murdered by paramilitaries French, they committed suicide
- Alternative medicine is the antechamber of sects
- The creation of money is for states, not private bankers
- The creation of money by private bankers is legal and not a scam
- The global banking cartel is not the cause of wars
- Governments are at the service of citizens, not bankers or multinational
To you expand the list !!
(Inspired by a text by Michel Dogna,