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You may have Wifi at home, perhaps you know that this technology presents a potential hazard to your health. But for now, you have not disconnected the service (convenient) time constraints and because you are not convinced. That's why I talk about it this week, because it is urgent to get rid WiFi.
Do you know that the European Environment Agency, the European Parliament and many doctors in the world have described as a toxic WiFi technology? Do you know that, for its part, the Council of Europe recommends the abandonment of WiFi in schools since 2011 and recommends lower exposure of mobile relay antennas thresholds?
Indeed, the WiFi waves from the computer (but also mobile, DECT and Bluetooth wireless) working on completely different frequency bands for terrestrial radio and television waves, as they are pulsed microwaves on very low frequencies.
WiFi transmits on a carrier microwave of 2.45 Giga Hertz (exactly the shaking frequency of the water molecules used in microwave ovens which it is derived): a high density of very low frequencies, which are "pulsed jerky" and transmit the information texts, sounds and images. But this technology is totally incompatible with health, even 0,1Volt / meter. In short, you and live in a house converted into a large microwave oven !!!
In fact, it is the nature of the signal which is toxic and not the intensity of WiFi, which even at very low power. This signal disrupts the physiological processes and biochemical structures destroyed, resulting in the loss of sealing of the blood-brain barrier, down production of acetylcholine and melatonin (sleep master, memory, concentration, etc. ) and irreversible genetic damage.
It was also proved that the biological effect of these composite emission results in a production of stress proteins with resonance on Delta waves of the brain. Several double-blind studies have described the electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) as a neurological disorder with no connection to the psyche. Several studies address the same animals (storks, cattle, frogs ...) and flora. Common symptoms are insomnia, headaches, loss of concentration and memory, heart disease and mood.
The electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) having a proven cause physical harm to an average of 6% of individuals, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the WHO World Health Organization) and several states in the USA ranked the EHS as a physiological, not psychological disorder.
The WHO, in 2011, was even classified these waves "possibly carcinogenic". In addition, there are now numerous scientific studies that show that this type of wave can cause brain cancer, thyroid, parotid gland, etc. Since the 60s, the military health effects call these the "microwave syndrome"
In late 2009, in Italy, a Court of Appeal judgment was finally officially established a causal link between mobile phones and cancer, but we will have, as in the days of tobacco and asbestos, make operations hype to question the technology that is claimed hitherto harmless.
Is it not disturbing to note that asbestos had ceased to be covered by US insurance since 1919, and waves of mobile phones and Wi-fi since the early 2000s! But the real information are often drowned out by the official versions based expertise rigged under the influence.
One can read in the current policies of insurance companies that are part of the general exclusions:
damage asbestos,

damage lead,

electromagnetic waves damage,

GMO damage.

Despite this, no one asks any questions. So we hear that if it was so dangerous, we would know, and he can not be used as a technology can continue to exist in causing all this damage. This is to ignore that in England, Germany and Austria, the Wi-Fi was banned in schools and recommends that the German government since 2007 to avoid Wi-Fi for health reasons.
He also said that if the Wi-Fi causes cancer, there would have already seen millions of cases it has entered the world since 2005. This is to ignore that very many cases already exist, and that it sometimes takes 20 years from the start of exposure and the development of cancer. And in this case, it is easy to deny the existence of cause and effect.
 Thus, pending formal recognition of its toxicity, we recommend that you turn off Wi-fi (on by default in Internet Box) and use a wired cable. It is understood that in a context of denial, you will not be encouraged to stop your Wi-fi, so modern and so convenient, especially if you do not "feel anything" and have the impression of "go back". But remember that it is often after the fact that the truth comes out.
We encourage you to take that responsibility without waiting for you, your family and especially your children who are most susceptible. Note that technically, a wired connection is more stable, faster and also not accessible to hackers and interference with the direct vicinity.
But, of course, the price is to accept a "small hell" son of connections on your desktop instead of having a clean sweep.
In this regard, I let myself be seduced some years ago by the keyboard and wireless mouse solution; and I was surprised that I could not stay more than an hour at my computer without undergoing a surge of tension and severe palpitations. It lasted at least six months, seriously handicapping me in my work until a technical problem causes me to buy a keyboard and mouse. And miraculously, no problem! In fact, it was the transmitter on my desk that watered me with full force at the heart. All this is price to pay for just a practical problem tow and a clean sweep!
Michel Dogna