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Smart meters do not give accurate readings and they are extremely dangerous for your health

There is considerable evidence that smart meters do not give accurate readings and they are extremely dangerous for your health, especially those of the second generation whose reading is via satellite, and not those of the first generation are made by an employee of Hydro-Québec with a hand drive.
Here is the testimony of a journalist who defends against Hydro-Québec. Read articles the Green newspaper as attachments. LSP
Hello Mr. Lisée,
Like you, I just Thetford-Mines (it has approximately the same age) and I love the people and accessible things simple and honesty.
The Quebec government is to mount another "pasta-gate" with this story counters at Hydro-Québec. And it will fall on you.
It is scientifically proven that these meters emit harmful radio frequencies for thousands of electro-sensitive people (fortunately, this is not my case, but I know and I know they do not tell stories.
That said, where the rub is that the electricity bills climb to astronomical way, from the installation of these new meters. When enough Quebecers will be filled, it will work against you.
My diary was the FIRST (thanks to my house in specialized columnist) to talk about, there are about 1 year and a half to two years. And since then, the discontent is growing: new citizens' groups are emerging every week ... and it's not going to stop.
For my part, despite insulation according to the standards in a renovated at great expense, and even if the thermostat was at 18 ° during the day and 15 ° at night all winter, I end up with bills that exceed the $ 1000!
My diary is read by thousands of people for more than 20 years of direct readers interested and focused. However, despite multiple steps (yes! I finally get angry), attendants media relations Hydro-Québec refuse or recite worthy cassettes not attributable officials.
I am sending you the last article I published (there's a good ten) and I will continue to drive the point home, until someone attributable to the government responds. And soon, we will expose to HQ which gives the book: it is worthy of the Charbonneau commission.
Hoping to get a reaction from you and the minister concerned (other than an official cassettte ...)
Serge Jean Turcot
Editor, Journal GREEN
100,000 readers aware 20 years
Letter from Mr. Turcot sent to several journalists
I just learned that a bill that I had not received (despite several notices of change of address) are still in the $ 1000 figure, despite drastic savings measures.
Not only it is KNOWN (and confirmed by the union officers to manual reading Hydro-Qc) these counters are PROGRAMMED to raise the cost of electricity (the Prime Minister will be warned), but in addition, they emit continuously and aim at long-term pricing by time ...
And parrots public relations still refuse to answer anything other than their normal cassettes.
For now, I'll pay ... but you shall receive DEMANDS uninstall this counter my house under threat of prosecution (incidentally, a class action is coming).
For my part, I will continue to drive the nail in my journal (which was the FIRST to talk about these m ... meters) and the fact that the minions of public relations Hydro-Québec still refuse to answer some embarrassing questions about these new meters.
But their silence and their lies will turn against them. under public pressure (we attisons) there will be resignations soon (as in the Office of Language ...) and "pasta-gate".
Jean S. Turcot
Editor, Journal GREEN
100,000 readers aware 20 years