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Radio frequency counters, myths and reality

Radio frequency counters, myths and reality
Myth No.1: If radio frequency counters were really harmful, our government authorities would cautions.
The most recent studies leave no doubt about the hazards due to biological effects on the human body of radio frequencies. The position of Health Canada is that electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can cause thermal damage to human tissue. Based on studies from 2009 and before. That is why Health Canada sets at 6,000,000 mW / m2 (microwatts per square meter) maximum intensity of exposure so that there is no burning due to heat tissue. Except that recently, in February 2013, it emerged during a court case, that Health Canada had accepted that scientific studies corroborating its position to the effect that there was no danger other that thermal effects. For biological effects, but rather the exposure limits from 100 to 1000 mW / m2 to be considered. Very recent publications, including the BioInitiative are published after the Energy Board has given its approval to Hydro-Québec for the deployment of next-generation meters. The BioInitiative Report, published January 7, 2013, is a synthesis of more than 1,800 studies, reviewed or produced by 29 international researchers from renowned and independent.
The biological effects are well documented tachycardia, insomnia, tinnitus ... and an important mechanism, opening the blood-brain barrier (blood-brain), causing autonomic and hormonal imbalances. This report recommends that radio frequencies are now classified as carcinogenic. In 2011 and 2012, several health organizations worldwide have made serious warnings and asked for the revision of standards in terms of biological effects. Thus, the American Academy of Pediatrics, involving not less than 60 000 practitioners, stresses the urgency of protecting children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to RF.
 Most recently, in July 2012, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine recommended that no radio frequency meter should be installed in the home of anyone with health problems, nor on the home of his neighbors. In Canada, unlike food inspection, where our authorities only intervene based on rules already established, everything is done in terms of RF exposure. Knowing full well that the government locomotive can "turn around on a dime," it is for our local authorities to apply the precautionary principle.
Myth. 2: Exposure to radio frequency meter is much lower than that of a cell, so why bother?
All types of radio frequency meters operate by pulse wave emission (variable length wave peaks). When Hydro-Québec announces an intensity of 50 mW / m2 (or 2.2 mW / m2 for Hydro-Sherbrooke), this is an average value for six minutes which is relative to the intensity that can cause burns. In the case of biological effect, one should consider the maximum current, for which the radio frequency counters far exceeds this average value. Measurements carried out by an independent Quebec firm show intensities ranging from 3000 to 49,000 mW / m2 to a meter, depending on the type of meter. In comparison, it is 2 600 mW / m2 for use in a cell. Radio frequencies have biological effects (normal functioning of the cell disruption) at relatively low intensities and this is the wave in full screen that affects human tissue, not its mean mathematical value. In addition, the toxicity of a pulsed emission is larger than that of a continuous emission.
This is documented in the scientific literature. Given that studies show a significant increase in brain cancers with a one-time use of cell, would you accept that your children sleep in the presence of one or more radio frequency counters, emitting pulsed waves, currently classified as potentially carcinogenic at just like lead and mercury, 24 hours per day and their lives?
Myth. 3: There is an option of withdrawal, so people have a choice.
Nothing is more wrong. The waves emitted by the meters neighbors who would not have exercised the right of withdrawal are always there, 24 hours 24. It's not because the views from the other side of a wall it is less dangerous. The buildings materials offer very little attenuation to RF. As proof, the residential cordless phone works great on the patio and they are using the same devices wavebands.
People who live in multi-unit buildings, condos or apartments will be exposed to the counters of other occupants will not have been availed of the right of withdrawal. Always for multi-dwelling buildings, if the meters are all located in one place, it is very possible that the more remote the place counters occupants choose not to pay the high fees required by Hydro-Québec for the right to withdrawal (upfront fee of $ 98 and then $ 17 per month, before taxes). In these circumstances, the occupants suffer counters close exposure of several counters.
Myth. 4: There radiofrequency everywhere and nobody is sick of it.
The use of radio frequency technology has skyrocketed recently. It is legitimate to ask whether we are at the point where we exceed safe limits. There are more and more cases of EHS. Many of them have emerged due to exposure to radio frequency counters. What do we do now of the precautionary principle for humans? European countries now recognize EHS as well as other diseases of environmental origin.
Without necessarily électrohyprsensible, we are all, to varying degrees and more or less consciously affected by radio frequencies. The idea is not to ban these technologies but to use them safely. There is a beginning in Europe with the Lifi replacing WiFi. If our governments pose tags, the wireless industry will adapt to it. Such was the case for motor vehicles safety. Meanwhile, we ask our local authorities to provide safe living environment for citizens.
Refuse Estrie, Friends of the Earth Committee of the Eastern Townships.
About health expert representing Hydro-Québec, it is good to know this: Dr. Michel Plante, consulting physician employed by Hydro-Québec since 1982, also works for three major cellular providers namely Rogers, Bell and Telus. Dr. Plante holds a discourse that serves the interests of the industry: 1) emissions from antennas and counters conform to Safety Code 6 Health Canada 2) emissions are therefore safe for the health and 3 ) reported symptoms some people who say they are bothered by exposure to waves are psychosomatic (nocebo effect).
Rogers, who often calls on the expertise of Dr. Plante at reassuring the public and elected officials, is now an important partner of Hydro-Québec in the proposed deployment of smart meters. Rogers provides the antennas needed for the retransmission of data collected by the meters and Hydro-Québec routers to data processing plants. Dr. Plante has very close links with the telecommunications software company, Lorne Trottier, emfandhealth.com site. Lorne Trottier is a generous patron who subsidizes paying tens of millions of dollars of university research (McGill, Polytechnique and University of Montreal) that will all point to prove and / or promote the idea that waves are safe .
Ms. Beausoleil works for the National Public Health Institute. Ms. Beausoleil toured all regional offices to promote clean reassuring speeches to industry and accompanied by increasingly Dr. Plante in his representations to elected representatives. Ms. Beausoleil never misses an opportunity to discuss the nocebo effect although it has, as Dr. Plante, no skill or qualification in mental health.
Why the direction of Public Health is she so proactive on the issue of antennas and radio frequency emissions? It turns out that across the province of Quebec, the majority of telecommunication antennas of the three major private providers are on buildings owned by the provincial government services, mainly on the roofs of hospitals and nursing homes. Each provider pays rent for a substantial power and use the roofs of these government buildings. Management of Public Health and The Government of Quebec did he find it in a position of apparent conflict of interest? Ms. Beausoleil interventions are they really neutral and credible?
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