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Angelina Jolie. Surgical removal of both breasts

The announcement to undergo a double mastectomy (surgical removal of both breasts), even if she had no breast cancer (NaturalNews) Angelina Jolie is not the innocent, "heroic choice" that was portrayed spontaneous in traditional media. Natural News has learned that it coincides with a public relations campaign for profit companies at the right time has been planned for months and just happens to coincide with the next decision of the US Supreme Court on the viability of the patent BRCA1 gene.
This is an inquiry, the mainstream media refuses to touch. Here, I explain the financial ties of companies, investors, mergers, patents on human genes, prosecution, the medical fear mongering and trillions of dollars that are at stake here. If you pull the curtain over it, you'll find more than just a woman looking innocent exercise "choice". This is to protect billions in profits through the deployment of public relations campaigns carefully crafted to manipulate public opinion of women.
The signs were there from the beginning of the plan: very polite and of course Angelina Jolie editorial written undertaking to the New York Times, the talking points carefully designed citing "choice" as politically charged word key, and obvious leencadrement along with her husband Brad Pitt who carefully described the whole experience by using words like "strong" and "pride" and "family."
But the murder weapon is the fact that the seemingly spontaneous ad Angelina Jolie magically appeared on the cover of People Magazine this week - a magazine which is usually finalized for publication three weeks before it appears on newsstands. This cover, not surprisingly, used the same language in the New York Times op-ed piece: "His choice BRAVE" and "It was the right thing to do." The flowery, pro-choice language is not accidental.
What this proves is that the announcement Angelina Jolie is a public relations campaign business well planned with messages carefully designed to influence public opinion. But what could seek to influence Jolie?
... What about the billions of dollars of corporate profits?
Next decision the US Supreme Court to rule on the patent for the gene BRCA1 viability
The announcement of Angelina Jolie and all his carefully crafted had four significant immediate impacts:
1) It caused women all over the world to be terrified of breast cancer through the publication of false statistics that drove fear into the hearts of all with breasts. (See below for explanation.)
2) It caused women to rush and look for the test procedures of BRCA1. . These tests are found to be patented by a for-profit company called "Myriad Genetics" Because of this patent the BRCA1 test can cost $ 3,000 -. $ 4,000 each test alone a market of several billion dollars, but only if the patent is held in a decision of the upcoming Supreme Court (see below).
3) caused the stock price of the company Myriad Genetics (MYGN) to soar to a maximum of 52 weeks. "Myriad's shares closed up 3% Tuesday after the release of the New York Times op-ed," writes Marketwatch.com.
4) led public opinion to influence the decision coming US Supreme Court to rule in favor of the ownership of human genes firms (see below).
Women around the world are fooled by supporting Angeline Jolie, having no idea what she actually does is to sell women's profit cancer industry. But to understand what is happening, you have to dig deeper ...
Myriad Genetics sees stock price soaring with Jolie, and Obamacare will funnel billions their way
"Salt Lake City-based Myriad Genetics (MYGN) holds the patent on the test that determines the actress had a chance to 87% of developing breast cancer and the genes themselves," wrote MarketWatch.com.
And that's just the beginning. If the US Supreme Court may be influenced to defend Myriad patent, it could mean a trillion dollar industry in just the next few years. Moreover, Myriad Genetics is supposedly "ripe for mergers," according to the financial press, because it's part of the super-hot human genome industry.
"The first global manufacturer of DNA testing and analysis tools, Life Technologies Corp. said it is ready to be acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific for a record $ 13.6 billion," writes MarketWatch.com. "A race that started at top speed over 26 years ago is buzzing with governments and foreign companies to join the United States in the funding of research to map all human genomes. And although the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions in the genomic space boosted returns, investors still have opportunities to take advantage of this multi-billion dollars. "
The share prices of most will Myriad, a merger becomes more profitable for its current owners. So PR coup d'Angelina Jolie just happened to generate millions of dollars in value unknown for the very people who claim a monopoly on patents on breast cancer genes residing in women's bodies. Coincidence? Not at all.
Obamacare mandates taxpayers pay for BRCA gene testing: another government handout to the rich companies
But here's what's even more twisted from all this: You know how Obama likes to talk about "free market" but actually engages in what is called "crony capitalism" by distributing money to all his friends private sector, Wall Street insiders and deep pocketed campaign donors? Part of Obamacare - the "Affordable Care Act" - requires that taxpayers pay for genetic testing BRCA1!
Myriad Genetics, in other words, could receive a large scale windfall profits mandated by the government and pushed into mainstream consciousness thanks to a campaign of "medical terror" led by Angelina Jolie and the New York Times. You begin to see how it all fits together yet?
This is a large market of coordinated business woman, and everything is hidden by playing "power women" card and using language of "choice" easier to manipulate women. Angelina Jolie, remember, is a UN chief spokesman, an organization already engaged in sexual slavery of children and drug trafficking. While Jolie is obviously not engage in such behavior, his job is to secretly influence US women supporting a campaign benefits the companies carefully planned and executed plot that turns women's bodies in profits.
Here's why the decision of the Supreme Court puts billions of dollars at stake ...
Details on the decision of the Supreme Court to come
The ACLU and the Public Patent Foundation filed a lawsuit in 2009 challenging the ownership of the business of human genes. Anyone who believes in women's rights, human rights, civil rights or even the right to eat GM-free foods should immediately agree that companies should not be able to patent human genes and then use these patents to reap billions of dollars in profits while stifling scientific research in these genes.
A question to all women reading this: Do you believe a Utah company owns your body? If not, you should oppose the ownership of human genes enterprises. This also means that you must oppose the PR campaign of Angelina Jolie because even though she led a brilliant public relations campaign, backstage feed its shares are potentially billions of dollars in profits directly into the profit sector human gene patents that denies ownership of human beings in leurpropre genetic code.
The ACLU explains the basics of his lawsuit against Myriad Genetics as follows:
On May 12, 2009, the ACLU and the patent Public Foundation (PUBPAT) filed a lawsuit charges that patents on two human genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA1 and BRCA2, are unconstitutional and invalid. On November 30, 2012, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments on the patentability of human genes. The ACLU argued the case before the US Supreme Court on April 15, 2013. We expect a decision this summer.
On behalf of the researchers, genetic counselors, patients women, cancer survivors, breast cancer and women's health groups and scientific associations representing 150,000 geneticists, pathologists and laboratory professionals, we have argued that human genes can not be patented because they are classic products of nature. Fees costume that patents on genes violate the First Amendment and stifle diagnostic testing and research that could lead to cures and limit women's options regarding their medical care.
You have that? If the Supreme Court rules against Myriad Genetics, a genetic testing it will cause industry Breast Cancer multibillion-dollar collapse overnight. This means a great loss not only for Myriad, but also many other human genes companies wishing to exploit the human body - including women's bodies - for monopoly profits. (All patents are monopolies granted by the state.) Eventually, billions of dollars of corporate patents on genes are at stake here.
The patenting of human genes is enormous business
Today, about 20 percent of your genes have already been patented by companies and universities. As explained by the ACLU, "A patent on a gene holder has the right to prevent anyone from studying, testing or even looking at a gene. Therefore, scientific research and genetic testing has been delayed, limited or even closed due to concerns about gene patents. "
This means that when companies hold patents on human genes, it stifles scientific research while giving this company a monopoly on the "intellectual property" encoded in your DNA! (How is criminal? You decide ...)
What this means is that if the Supreme Court rules against Myriad, this would create a precedent that would dismantle the entire human gene patenting industry and affect billions of dollars in future profits.
This, I believe, is the real reason for the announcement of Angelina Jolie. It seems designed to invoke emotional responses of women and create a groundswell of support of genes belonging to the company and put these companies a precedent of the Supreme Court that will ensure future profits billion. This is a for-profit public relations operation that tries to deceive women by supporting a patent system and corporate monopolies that claims now to have parts of the body of each woman living today.
While most of the media have no idea about the issues of patent game here, the Detroit Free Press noted, saying:
"The decision of the Hollywood star to get tested for a mutation in the breast cancer gene, undergo a double mastectomy and then write on it draws attention to a case currently pending before the Court. The judges few weeks to decide whether Myriad Genetics patent on two genes that identify an increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer is legal. Critics complain that the monopoly of the company that leaves as the only source of test $ 4,000 needed to determine the risk of each woman. "
Lying with statistics: 87% of exaggeration risk of Angelina Jolie
There is more to this story than just patents on BRCA1 and BRCA2.Angelina Jolie also uses openly misleading statistics to scare women into thinking that their breasts could kill them.
In the New York Times op-ed pieces, Jolie says her doctor told her she had a "87% risk" of developing breast cancer. But what she did not tell you is this figure does not apply to the entire population: it is in fact old data almost exclusively from families that have been documented to have very high risk of breast cancer to begin with.
A study published on the website National Human Genome Research Institute and conducted by scientists from the National Institutes of Health shows that the breast cancer risk associated with BRCA1 genes are well below what is hype by Jolie and traditional media.
In fact, in a large room of 600 women, only one is likely to have a BRCA mutation in its genetic code. The actual incidence is 0.125 to 0.25 per 100 women is 1 400 to 1 600 800. I have used as the average of 400 and 800.
And on that 1 woman in 600 who has the mutation, her risk of breast cancer is only 56 percent, not 78 percent as claimed by Jolie. But 13 percent of women without BRCA mutation breast cancer anyway, according to this scientific research, so that the increased risk is only 43 100 women.
So we really talking about here is 1 in 600 women with BRCA gene mutation, and fewer than half of those contracting cancer because of it. In other words, only about 1 in 1,200 women will be affected by this measure.
However, thanks to people like Jolie and alarmist traditional media, women across the nation were terrified believe their breasts can kill them and the best way to manage the problem is to cut!
This, my friends, is the essence of judgment sow fear. This issue affects less than one tenth of one percent of women, but is annoyed in a national campaign of fear that just happens to feed profits in profit cancer diagnosis and treatment industry, not to mention the human gene patents monopolistic cartels.
This is the true story of what is happening here. Do not expect to read in the New York Times.
The mainstream media refuses to talk about real prevention and treatment options
As part of the fear mongering of breast cancer and treatment scam currently running through the media, almost all media are the prohibition of any mention of holistic or natural options for treatment or prevention.
Of course, the media talk "options" but all these options not occur to reduce the profit cancer industry. For example, read this story ABC News, a part of traditional media being that misinform women and pushes a corporate agenda:
If you test positive for BRCA, you have options, and you do not necessarily need to go the route Jolie. Some women choose not to have surgery. Instead, they increase cancer surveillance with imaging tests. These include regular mammograms to test for breast cancer, and regular ultrasounds and blood tests to monitor pelvic ovarian cancer.
Nowhere in this article does not mention ABC New ways to remove the BRCA1 gene, for example, eating raw cruciferous vegetables contain indole-3-carbinol (I3C), an anti-cancer nutrient powerful than breast cancer stops in its tracks. ABC News nowhere mention vitamin D which prevents nearly 4 out of 5 cancers of all types, including breast cancer.
No, the "options" are they driven by traditional media are no more than mammograms, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy - all owned and managed by for-profit cancer industry that feeds on women and the exploits of their profit organizations.
Is not any discussion of their total scam "pink ribbon" the cancer treatment industry that is primarily focused on giving women cancer by mammography "free". As any scientific or physicist knows, mammograms cause cancer because they emit ionizing radiation directly in the breast and the heart tissue. Get Enough mammograms and sooner or later they will detect breast cancer because they have done that! To date, 1.3 million women have been harmed by mammography.
Thank you, Angelina, to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of women around the world while selling off profit, monopolistic business interests, which constantly seek to exploit them for profit.
Photo credit: PEOPLE magazine cover, used under Fair Use for public comment and education.
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