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Walnuts will keep blood sugar, cholesterol and prostate healthy

Researchers have discovered that the nutrient-packed nut could hold the key to keeping you from ever developing type-2 diabetes.

You see, a massive new study led by a Harvard nutritionist followed the dietary habits of 138,000 women for over a decade -- and researchers found that inside its hard shell the lowly walnut may be packing a powerful blood-sugar controlling punch.

Women who consumed at least eight ounces of walnuts a month -- that's just a couple nuts a day -- slashed their risk of developing type-2 diabetes by a staggering 24 percent! That's right, these tasty nuts could be the key to avoiding a future filled with painful insulin injections and bland, miserable meals.

That's because walnuts are jam-packed with healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that have proven time and again to be powerful weapons in the fight against diabetes.

And the health benefits don't stop there -- researchers found that women who regularly ate walnuts weighed less and were more likely to stick with diets that included other healthy and delicious foods, like fish.

Plus the latest research is showing how these nutritious nuts can reduce your heart disease risk and may even help ward off aggressive prostate cancer !

Imagine being able to beat back diabetes, heart disease, AND cancer one cracked shell at a time. Now that's a result we can all go nuts for.

Bob Reagan